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OODA in Vegas: DEF CON 30, August 11-14; Discord and Twitch Online Content Available

Cybersecurity Community Events in August – Las Vegas, NV: OODA team members will attend the following August event in Las Vegas.  If you plan to attend, please reach out with opportunities to connect with the OODA Loop community.

DEF CON® 30 Hacking Conference Home

From the organizers:

When & Where will DEF CON be? 

Aug. 11-14, 2022 at Caesars Forum + Flamingo, Harrah’s and Linq in Las Vegas!

What’s DEF CON’s official theme for DEF CON 30?

We want DEF CON 30 to have the energy of a reunion. We’ll be back together in a brand spanking new venue. We’ll be thirty years old – an amazing milestone for a hacker conference under any circumstances. In honor of all that, we’re calling DEF CON 30 ‘Hacker Homecoming’. More info on our official theme is here:

Online Registration is Now Closed.

We’ll see you on-site! In-person registration is $360 USD, cash only at the door. Registration opens at 07:00 on August 11th at Caesars Forum.

DEF CON 30 will be a semi-hybrid event this year, we will give hackers a choice in how they wish to experience DEF CON but we are returning at full operating capacity. What do we mean by semi-hybrid? We will be hosting our full con in-person in Las Vegas and our approved villages and contests will be contributing additional online content within the official DEF CON Discord. All Online content will be similar to the 2020 & 2021 cons. Our official talks will be streamed via DCTV on our Twitch, and several contests and villages will be providing unique online immersive contests and presentations.

What if I don’t want a Discord Account?

While we don’t think you’ll get the full experience, all of our content will be released via YouTube and put on the DEF CON Media Server. The Talks for DEF CON will be released during the con on the DEF CON YouTube and Twitch channels.

To see what happenings are currently planning to be in-person, hybrid, or virtual only please visit

Where can I find more info on the DEF CON CTF?

DEF CON CTF Qualifiers May 28-29. Please follow Nautilus CTF on twitter at and keep a look out on their CTF website at For a little history on the contest check out the CTF History page.

DEF CON 30 Planning – DEF CON Forums

DEF CON® 28 Safe Mode – Discord Server

DEF CON® 30 Hacking Conference – FAQ

Where can I get more information about what’s happening?

Check out the following DEF CON Sites & Social Media.

DEF CON YouTube channel
DEF CON Twitch
DEF CON Music Twitch
DEF CON Media Server of all past conference materials

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