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OODA Video: The Intelligence Workstation of the Future

This video provides additional context on our concept of an Intelligence Workstation of the Future.

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The Intelligence Workstation of the Future will empower analysts in new ways, combining the most modern analytical and visualization tools with enterprise security and governance technologies. This post explores this workstation, leading to actionable recommendations that organizations can put in place now to bring this concept to reality sooner vice later.

For more on this topic read the accompanying report at: The Intelligence Workstation of the Future

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Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of OODA LLC, the technology research and advisory firm with a focus on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity which publishes Bob is the co-host of the popular podcast The OODAcast. Bob has been an advisor to dozens of successful high tech startups and has conducted enterprise cybersecurity assessments for businesses in multiple sectors of the economy. He was a career Naval Intelligence Officer and is the former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Find Bob on Defcon.Social