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What You Need To Know About Hostile Social Manipulation

A recent RAND report looks at the role of information warfare and how targeted social media campaigns and similar approaches are deployed to cause damage to a state. RAND has coined the term “hostile social manipulation” to capture this phenomenon, which builds on familiar influence techniques including propaganda and disinformation.

While these emerging tools and techniques represent a potentially significant threat, the U.S. and its allies have not been able to effectively recognize and combat social manipulation campaigns. The report takes a deep dive into Chinese and Russian activity and calls for more research is to better grasp the true level of risk, the most effective types of manipulation, and the most powerful responses.

This post provides insights aimed to inform your business strategy as well as raising your personal defenses in the age of hostile social manipulation.

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Cindy Martinez

Cindy Martinez

Cindy Martinez has spent her career focusing on cutting edge and complex issues at the forefront of national security. She served 5 years at the Department of Homeland Security where she advised senior leadership on cybersecurity and emerging technology trends. She also negotiated policies and recommended solutions in order to create new Federal initiatives and evaluate the U.S. Government’s effectiveness in areas such as artificial intelligence, offensive cyber operations, vulnerability disclosure, and the national security space domain. She is an analyst with OODA LLC , which publishes and