OODA Stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. It is called a loop to underscore the continuous nature of decision-making in dynamic, competitive environments.

At a high level, the steps of this process are to:

  • Observe: Gain situational awareness via all your senses
  • Orient: Contextualize what you observe based on everything you know
  • Decide: Formulate the optimal course of action
  • Act: Execute on your decision without delay

In a dynamic environment your actions will change the situation, requiring another loop of OODA till the competition is over. 


Looking for a deeper dive? See a fuller examination of the OODA Loop including insights from one of the leaders in the room with John Boyd when the concept was built at: The OODA Loop Explained.

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The greatest determinant of your success will be the quality of your decisions. We examine frameworks for understanding and reducing risk while enabling opportunities. Topics include Black Swans, Gray Rhinos, Foresight, Strategy, Stratigames, Business Intelligence and Intelligent Enterprises. Leadership in the modern age is also a key topic in this domain.

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Security and resiliency topics include geopolitical and cyber risk, cyber conflict, cyber diplomacy, cybersecurity, nation state conflict, non-nation state conflict, global health, international crime, supply chain and terrorism.

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